You and the Road

Accident Awareness designed a program specifically for mature pedestrians and drivers. This program is called “You and the Road” and consists of three parts:


Photo taken pre-pandemic.

Photo taken pre-pandemic.

Your way of presenting is full of common sense...I like how you encouraged us, not discourage us seniors, for not paying more attention.

Brampton, ON

Part 1: The Pedestrian Impact

With the number of pedestrians being struck and injured, or worse, Accident Awareness has developed a program that incorporates all the main reasons for this tragedy. Some of the points discussed are:

  • Changes in Traffic Signals
  • Your Rights When Crossing at a Lighted Intersection
  • Pedestrian Cell Phone Use
  • Walking Through Parking Lots
  • Type of Clothing to Wear at Night
  • Jaywalking

Part 2: Continuing to Drive

Being a mature, safe driver today means that you must continue your learning skills when driving a motor vehicle. You have to assess and adapt to vehicle changes and also your physical changes. This one hour multi-media event targets many changes that have happened over the years.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Update on the Rules of the Road (Ontario Highway Traffic Act)
  • Use of Seat Belts
  • Strategies of Parking
  • Strategies of Reversing
  • The Staged Collision
  • Seat, Mirror, & Hand Position on the Wheel
  • Emergency Vehicles and Tow trucks
  • Left Turns
  • Traffic signals
  • Speed

Part 3: Walking to Drive

This event combines important facts from the Pedestrian Impact and Continuing to Drive presentations. It is a one hour program and some of the topics mentioned include:

  • Wearing Seat Belts
  • The Pedestrian and the Countdown Traffic Signal
  • The Staged Collision
  • Parking & Reversing
  • The Highway Traffic Act
  • Walking at Night
  • Walking in Bad Weather
  • Left Turns
  • Renewing Your Licence
  • Jaywalking

All our programs are entirely FREE GRATUITS thanks to our amazing partners!

Our company is Not for Profit and has one main objective: to reduce motor vehicle collisions.