Our program mission is to serve as a compass for youth to make healthy, safe choices, while enjoying an active life without regrets. It is meant to prevent tragedies and life-altering events. Through C.A.D.D.S.S. we will target safety and prevention.

Our C.A.D.D.S.S. program

Accident Awareness designed C.A.D.D.S.S. specifically for students who are graduating high school and planning to attend post-prom parties.

C.A.D.D.S.S. is a one-hour program and there is absolutely NO CHARGE for this program. We recieve generous funding from our partners in order to reduce traffic fatalities.

C.A.D.D.S.S. Topics

Participants will hear from presenters who have seen firsthand the tragedies that surround serious or fatal motor vehicle collisions.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • How decisions made today can impact the rest of their lives
  • How peer pressure and taking risks can end in life altering injuries
  • How alcohol and drugs impact the human body and decision making
  • How distraction by electornics or passengers can turn a find night out into a bad night
  • How friends can influence your driving habits from speeding to lack of seatbelt use

The Some choices cannot be undone

The goal of our C.A.D.D.S.S. presentation is to inform participants to plan ahead, have fun, and Survive the Day!

Our Presenters are retired, or soon to be retired Police Officers who specialized in the investigation of fatal motor vehicle collisions. There are no uniforms worn and our Presenters are aware of what their professions have meant to others in the past an present.

Accident Awareness has been out in the community since 1993. We are in our 30th year of operation and have never charged a school for any events during those years.

C.A.D.D.S.S. is a FREE program fully sponsored by our generous partners.

All our programs are entirely FREE GRATUITS thanks to our amazing partners!

Our company is Not for Profit and has one main objective: to reduce motor vehicle collisions.