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Our Mission

Accident Awareness Inc. is committed to educating the public to the dreadful realities of fatal motor vehicle collisions, how quickly they can occur and the grim aftermath that always accompanies these tragedies.

Our Vision

Accident Awareness is the only organization that takes all current information & statistics on road safety and packages this information into presentations delivered in everyday language, for people of all ages.

Why Us

Our professional experience in collision investigations allows Accident Awareness to help with community strategic planning and education, to help make our streets safer.


Bob Annan


A retired, veteran Police Officer, Bob served thirty-eight years between the Toronto Police Service and the Durham Regional Police Service.

Bob was the lead officer in the Hit and Run Squad and the first Reconstructionist for the Durham Service where fatalities & serious collisions were part of his investigation responsibilities. In 1993 Bob and John decided that more needed to be done to educate the public to the horrors of fatalities. The officers constructed a model town utilizing 41,000 sq. feet of display space, complete with roads and working traffic lights to demonstrate what emergency services do upon arriving at collision sites. Over 35000 people came to the three day event, proving that the public was interested in how to prevent the deaths on our roads. Bob & John agreed that education was paramount in prevention of fatalities, and education in conjunction with law enforcement can reduce collisions.

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John Hinds


John Hinds is a retired Sgt. and 30-year veteran officer in the Greater Toronto Area.

A major part of John's career has been dealing with investigation of fatal motor vehicle collisions, as a level 4 Reconstructionist. In more than 30-years policing, John investigated countless fatalities that happened on streets, parking lots, fields and parks. John met Bob in 1993 and together they worked to organize the first Accident Awareness event. This large-scale event, attracting more than 35,000 visitors, was constructed to educate the public about the horrors of motor vehicle collisions. The effectiveness of Accident Awareness was immediately recognized. John and Bob agreed that education, in concert with law enforcement, was a proactive approach to preventing traffic mishaps. John and Bob teamed up and developed presentations designed for high schools throughout Durham Region, later reaching High Schools and Elementary Schools all across Ontario. John and Bob continue to work together developing new programs for students, seniors, employees, and the general public.

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Phil Mapley

Ontario Wide Speaker

Phil Mapley is currently a police officer with one of the largest police services in Ontario.

Phil started his career in policing in 1988 and is currently in his 33rd year. He has been in various units over his career from the Criminal Investigation Unit, Traffic Safety Unit and Community Services where he was also involved in the P.A.R.T.Y. Program through Sunnybrook hospital. Phil was seconded to Orillia were he worked with the OPP in the Behavioural Division of ViCLAS. He is currently in a uniform position where he has spent most of career investigating a wide range of calls. Phil is an accomplished speaker who shares from personal experiences that he has been exposed to in his career from death notifications, traffic fatalities, homicides, drownings, and other tragedies. Phil has a passion for working and speaking with youth to educate them on healthy choices as they mature in life to hopefully prevent them from making bad decisions that can alter their goals in life.

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