Designed for Specific Audiences

Accident Awareness designed programs & presentations to meet the needs of four specific audiences:



Drivers & Pedestrians

Drivers & Pedestrians

We offer online/digital presenations for students, live outdoor presentations (with a real demonstration vehicle), and when possible indoor multimedia presentations.

Our motivational digital media presentation encompasses topics directly related to adolescents and dangerous driving.

Our 3-part program is specifically designed for mature drivers and pedestrians.

Our 1-hour presentation is designed for employees that walk or drive to work, or driving is part of their work duty.

Your way of presenting is full of common sense...I like how you encouraged us, not discourage us seniors, for not paying more attention.

Brampton, ON

Your presentation was excellent. I found the matter-of-fact approach appealed to the mind and not just the emotions. Students need to make informed decisions. You have helped them. Thank You.

Prince of Peace School, Toronto, ON

All our programs are entirely FREE GRATUITS thanks to our amazing partners!

Our company is Not for Profit and has one main objective: to reduce motor vehicle collisions.