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Accident Awareness provides a motivational digital media presentation which encompasses fundamental aspects directly related to adolescents and dangerous driving. The topics included in our presentation are a direct result of extensive research conducted by members of the Accident Awareness team. The subjects discussed in the show are comprised of the following:

  • Young drivers aged 16-24 have the highest rate of motor vehicle crashes
Seat Belts
  • Addressed through the use of video clips and case studies involving fatal collisions
Street Racing
  • Due to new traffic law, an individual found to be going 50km/h over the speed limit is required to pay harsh fines in addition to the impounding of their vehicle
Reaction Time
  • In a survey of 1200 Canadian drivers, 72% of respondents believed that greater efforts are needed to prepare teens to drive more safely
Careless/Dangerous Driving
  • for the past 10 years, motor vehicle related injuries have been the leading cause of injury and death of persons under 25 years of age
Impaired Driving
  • Almost 36 % of all fatality collisions involve alcohol at a reading of twice the legal limit
Distracted Driving
  • In Ottawa, over the past five years, young drivers aged 16-24 were involved in over 489 motor vehicle collisions due to inattentiveness
Aggressive Driving
  • Considered to be a direct result of inexperience and lack of maturity
Driver’s Insurance
  • Insurance information is provided to the audience regarding their driving habits and how this impacts their rates and their parent’s rates
Roll Over/Side Impact Collisions
  • Addressed through the use of video clips and case studies involving fatal collisions
Pedestrian Mistakes
  • Transport Canada noted a particularly dramatic rise in 2004 in the pedestrian hospitalization rate from 38% to 50%.

Accident Awareness believes that informative, factual, and honest presentations, shown to tens of thousands of teenaged students each year will assist in decreasing these casualty rates, thus further promoting prevention.

Accident Awareness Inc. knows that we will leave behind with each person an unforgettable presentation that will have them talking for days, thinking for weeks and remembering for months.
high-school-program-2011Download a copy of our High School Program.

Note: Statistics above were taken from the following:

  • Alberta Traffic Collision Statistics 2005, Transport Canada, Canadian Council of Motor Transportation Administrators, Alberta Centre for Injury Control and Research

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