What Makes Us Different

Accident Awareness Inc. sets itself apart from other organizations by its ability to design and implement any traffic safety program. Its innovative ability is drawn from over 66 law enforcement years.

As Level IV Collision Reconstructionists, the founders are able to bring to the table experience that encompasses the investigation of fatal collisions, the investigation of personal injury and property damage crashes and sound knowledge of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, other provincial traffic acts and the Criminal Code of Canada.

The Accident Awareness team also knows first hand about the sadness and unbelievable despair that engulfs families when notified of a loss. Accident Awareness knows because their members have done these notifications. They have been there for all the tears and comforted the survivors when they needed it most. Our team has seen it all.

Because of their involvement in collision investigations, Accident Awareness finds itself in a position where it is able to advise and take part in strategic planning to make our streets safer. And because of their background they find that they can put into affect a plan that addresses your concerns while at the same time satisfies their core values.

There are many organizations and groups that collect and compare statistics. There are just as many who publish safety related material and make them available to all who ask. Ours is the only one that takes all the information and statistics, puts it into everyday
English and personally delivers it to all young drivers and passengers who are using our highways and byways.

Accident Awareness Inc. is the name to trust, to deliver the most current and up to date presentation to the most impressionable road users, today’s youths.

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