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At Accident Awareness we pride ourselves on creating and implementing road safety programs with the sole purpose of educating the public on how to make our streets safer.

Traffic and road safety is an issue that impacts people of all ages in communities worldwide. The members of Accident Awareness have first hand experience with the devastating sadness and despair that engulfs families when notified of a loss. As a result, Accident Awareness provides all encompassing safety presentations that discuss everything from impaired driving to texting while driving to highway safety.

Our one and only goal is to get you home safe! We currently have an elementary, high school, and senior citizen program which focus on safety concerns for each demographic. With your kind donation Accident Awareness will be able to educate a larger population and promote the important message of practicing road safety at any age.


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Accident Awareness Inc. is a non-profit organziation who depends on the support of citizens like you to achieve our goal.

No donations are too large or small and all are put towards helping others get educated on Driving Safety.