Company Employee Program

Getting There, Getting Back

This presentation is geared toward companies where employees drive to and from work or where employees must utilize company vehicles for their daily duties.

Accident Awareness accomplishes this by the use of qualified presenters that utilize powerful imagery encompassing large visuals, and actual motor vehicles involved in fatal crashes. This is a one hour presentation.

This program encompasses:




Reaction Time


Seat Belts

Risk Management and the Highway

The team from Accident Awareness Inc. is well aware of the tragedies that originate on our streets. A moment of inattention while on a highway can change your day, your job or your whole world.

Whether it is a small collision or a major crash, there are things that can be done to minimize the risks, to manage the hazards presented while on the highway.

Our multi media production targets those rood causes. We zero in on possible solutions to those collisions, presenting options which, if utilized by the student, may prove to be the difference between a good day and a bad day.

Please note that this is a 2 hour presentation.

Participants who attend this in-depth study of highway incidents can expect to learn about the following:

  1. Tactics to Survive the day, what it is and how it is applied
  2. Road Safety Strategies/practices for pedestrians
  3. Further Road Safety Strategies/practices for vehicle operators
  4. Preparing your vehicle for the day
  5. Preparing for the trip
  6. The importance of allocating enough time to accomplish the tasks at hand
  7. What You need to know about car insurance
  8. The dangers of intersections both lighted and stop sign controlled
  9. Seat Belts
  10. Reaction Time
  11. What an HOV lane is and what it is trying to accomplish
  12. The Highway Traffic Act and more specifically the Stunt Driving sections
  13. Distracted Driving
  14. Speeding
  15. Aggressive Driving
  16. Repercussions of your driving habits dealing with speeding, drinking, distracted driving, Aggressive Driving, and Careless Driving
  17. Impaired driving by Alcohol and drugs
  18. The new changes dealing with suspensions and drinking
  19. Fatigue and why it is rivalling Impaired driving as the big killer
  20. Knowing the Charges against you under the Highway Traffic Act and the Criminal Code of Canada
  21. How your licence works
  22. What the CVOR is and how does it work
  23. What everyone needs to know about Bill C-45 and how it affects you
  24. And what everyone needs to know about the apology act

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