Who is Accident Awareness

Bob Annan a retired, veteran Police Officer, served thirty eight years between the Toronto Police Service and the Durham Regional Police Service. During his time in policing, Bob became the lead officer in what was known as the Hit and Run Squad. He was the first Reconstructionist in the Durham Service where fatalities and serious collisions were added to his responsibilities within the Hit and Run Unit. In 1993 Bob met John and the two decided that more needed to be done to educate the public to the horrors of fatalities. Thus, the Accident Awareness event of 1993 was born. Utilizing 41,000 sq. feet of display space, the officers constructed a small town complete with roads and working traffic lights. Visitors were invited in to have a look at what the emergency services do when out at collision sites. Over 35000 people came to the three day event, proving that the public was interested in how to prevent the deaths on our roads. Bob realized that education was paramount in the prevention of fatalities and when used in conjunction with enforcement, could actually reduce collisions at different sites.

John HindsJohn Hinds is currently a Sgt. within a major police service within the Greater Toronto Area. His background, and a major part of his career, has been dealing with traffic, more specifically, as a level 4 Reconstructionist, the investigation of fatal motor vehicle collisions. During his twenty plus years in policing, John has investigated more than his share of fatalities that happened on the streets, parking lots, fields and parks. He met Bob Annan in 1993 and together the officers put on the first ever Accident Awareness Event. Born out of necessity, this large event was to educate and show the public the horrors of a motor vehicle collision. The impact was immediate and showed John that education in concert with enforcement was the proper proactive approach to traffic mishaps. He and Bob Teamed up and developed a program, every bit as hard hitting as was the original event. This presentation was taken to high schools, throughout Durham Region and later all of Ontario. Well versed and well spoken, John continues today, working with Bob, developing new and improved programs for high school students and now for the general public.